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Teatime with Mrs. Joho: Bigelow Earl Grey Green Tea

For my birthday (or maybe Christmas, or maybe a combination of both since my birthday is a little over three weeks after Christmas), my best friend gave me the gift of tea! She gave me a plethora of different teas to try as she knows I’m on this tea drinking journey with you all as well as different mugs to enjoy them in. One of the teas she gave me was Bigelow Earl Grey Green Tea. I finally got a chance to try it and to say it was delicious might be an understatement. You’ll see why in a little bit; however, if the taste won’t draw you in then I’m most sure the benefits will.

What is Bigelow Earl Grey Green Tea?

Bigelow Earl Grey Green Tea combines the great flavors and benefits of Earl Grey and green tea. For those of you who don’t know – because I didn’t – Earl Grey is actually a mixture of black tea with bergamot oil, which gives it this incredible mixture of flavors. According to an article on organicfacts.net, “The taste of this tea is an interesting mix of sweet, floral, citrus, and bitter flavors coupled with a full-bodied, malty black tea.”

That may be why it reminds me so much of Fruit Loops! You’ll see what I’m talking about in a moment.


This tea is literally jam-packed with benefits. Not only are you getting benefits from one tea, but from two! Even though the benefits of these two teas are similar, they each have their own advantages as well. Earl Grey tea can help with…

1) Dental Health: It has antioxidants that can help fight oral infections and it has fluoride to help prevent decay.

2) Digestion: It can be anti-inflammatory, which will aid in constipation, bloating, cramping, etc. It was also traditionally used for colic and nausea.

3) Stress Relief: “A warm cup of Earl Grey tea is one of the best remedies for a long, stressful day.” [organicfacts.net] The bergamot oil in this tea can help with stress and anxiety.

4) Focus/Clarity: It has a small amount of caffeine to aid in increasing focus and clarity.

5) Weight Loss: The bergamot oil also helps with weight loss because of the citrus extracts in it.

6) Your Immune System: Lastly (and possibly most importantly), bergamot oil can help with colds and flu. Plus, the antioxidants in black tea can help with your immune system.

While green tea can help with…

1) Preventing Cell Damage: Catechins, which are found in green tea, can help prevent cell damage and treat certain diseases.

2) Focus/Clarity: Green tea also has a small amount of caffeine to increase focus, clarity, and a little boost in energy.

3) Weight Loss: Green tea can increase fat burning and metabolism to help with weight loss.

4) Preventing cancers: “Green tea is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants.” [healthline.com] This means it can help protect you from and prevent cancers.

5) Dental Health: Catechins can also help with dental health. Green tea may also help with bad breath.

6) Preventing Type-2 Diabetes: Green tea may reduce blood sugar levels.

These two lists are just small examples of what Earl Grey and green tea can do

for you.

Bigelow's Earl Grey Green Tea's Taste

Okay, so remember how earlier I mentioned this tea reminded me of Fruit Loops? Well, here’s why. After boiling some water and pouring it over the tea bag, I received my first whiff of Bigelow’s Earl Grey Green Tea. At first, I was intrigued by the smell. It was different and yet familiar. It took me some time before I realized why it smelled so familiar. It’s because it smelled like Fruit Loops or Trix or any of those fruity cereals and it was divine! I went back to my childhood for a second and then said, “Gosh, now I really want Fruit Loops!”

I was kind of hoping the tea would taste like Fruit Loops as well, and to my amazement, it kind of did. Thanks to the bergamot oil, it has more of a fruity flavor to it, but it’s not over-powering. It’s honestly very subtle, and I also get the hint of floral. I mean, there have been some teas in the past (Voodoo Chai, I Love Lemon, Ginger + Probiotics to name a few) where all you taste is the different spices, teas, fruits, etc. that the company put into its tea. However, with Bigelow’s Earl Grey Green Tea, there’s barely anything. There might be a hot minute where you think you’re drinking just a cup of hot water. However, as the tea cooled, the fruity flavor came out more.

My Recommendation

In the end, I highly recommend Bigelow Earl Grey Green Tea. It’s delicious and its benefits are incredible. What do you think? Have you tried this tea before? Did you like it? Let’s talk because it’s teatime!

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Photo Credit

The photos featured in this post are my photos. The first is a teabag from Bigelow Earl Grey Green tea. The second is my other favorite mug from the Amish Country with the tea steeping in it. (I love the Amish Country! I miss the Amish Country!)

**This post was originally published on October 9, 2020**