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Teatime with Mrs. Joho: It Works! Keto Tea

As my blogging journey began, a dear friend of mine, Melinda Diaz, posted on her social media asking if anybody would like to give a coffee or tea she is selling a try. She is a distributor for It Works! and they have Keto coffee and tea that she wanted people to sample. When I saw this post I had to ask, “Would it be okay if I tried the Keto Tea and wrote about it for my blog?”

Her response. “Of course!”

However, not only did she send me a sample to try but agreed to be “interviewed” for this post, so you can learn more about this product from the person selling it. How awesome is that?

What Is In It Works! Keto Tea?

When I asked her about the Keto Tea and what makes it keto, she said, “What makes it keto is it has all the essential keto fats and oils in this tea to help you stay full.”

This is a Spiced Chai tea, so it includes: black tea leaf, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, and a plethora of other ingredients that you would see in a chai tea. But, as Melinda stated, it also has ketogenic ingredients like coconut oil powder, grass-fed butter powder, etc.

The Benefits of It Works! Keto Tea

With all of these incredible ingredients, this tea has many great benefits. You already know the benefits of chai tea alone from my discussion on the Voodoo Chai from Barnes & Noble, but now add in the ketogenic ingredients and the fact that it’s decaffeinated; you have one powerful tea in your hands.

According to Melinda, “The benefits of the tea are somebody who still wants to enjoy that chai tea/coffee flavor without having the caffeine kick to it because not everybody tolerates caffeine well. And then, in addition to that, because of all the keto fats that are included in this one, it does help you stay full longer, so that way you’re not really wanting and craving all kinds of crazy things like either mid-morning or mid-afternoon. That’s normally when I like to have it just to keep me out of the vending machine because then drinking that my body feels full. I’m able to focus more on my work, and then I’m not…looking at every snack that someone brings from the vending machine at the hospital.”

This tea definitely helped me feel full and stay full for some time.

How to Make It Works! Keto Tea

Now, when I made It Works! Keto Tea, I will admit that I got a ton of chunky bits in my tea. If I have one complaint about this tea that would be it, it didn’t fully dissolve. I even got chunks of the powder as I drank it, which was a little off-putting, but Melinda taught me a trick. When I asked her about that, she told me to mix a little bit of hot water with the powder first to make it like a paste. Then add the rest of your hot water – or cold water if you don’t want hot tea – and there you go. However, Melinda did reveal to me a couple of other ways you can make this tea.

Way One

She said, “Way number one is you can mix it with a coffee, and they call that a “dirty chai” or an extra caffeinated chai in the real world. But with this one, since you’re having it decaf, it just adds a little bit more flavor to it.

Way Two

“The other way that you can have this, which is my favorite, is to have it with a little bit of coconut milk mixed in with my coffee and water and then I’ll add some additional cinnamon and nutmeg on top. And then if I want to be really fancy with it, I’ll do it with heavy whipping cream.

Way Three

“There’s a third way that I like to have this one. When you drink and mix your tea, then I’ll actually add our chocolate greens for detoxing just helping your body feel good and getting all the fruits and vegetables that sometimes you don’t have all the time to get. And then mixing that together it’s more of a chocolate spice chai, which has like a mocha flair to it and it just kind of changes it up a little bit, so that way you don’t feel bored; like you’re drinking the same thing all the time. Sometimes it just feels like you’re getting a little fancy with it or if you want to get super-duper fancy, a dollop of whipped cream on top.”

Smell and Taste of It Works! Keto Tea

Again, when I made It Works! Keto Tea, I just added some hot water to it and even though it had the chunks of powder floating around it, it was still delicious. The first thing I loved about it, though, was its smell. When I first opened the packet and took a whiff of it, I was in Heaven! You get all these different spices converging together. It reminded me so much of the fall since I was mainly smelling cinnamon and nutmeg, but it was missing my favorite…pumpkin.

This tea definitely had a cinnamon taste to it. It reminded me so much of the Voodoo Chai I had from Barnes & Noble last year for Halloween, except this time there was no tart flavor of apple or sweet flavor of caramel. Every time I took a sip, I continually tasted all the different spices in it. I was mainly getting cinnamon, but I also thought there was some ginger mixed in. It is definitely a “spicy” tea.

Would You Like to Try It or Buy It?

If you are interested in trying this yourself or even grabbing several pouches for your use, here’s a couple of ways of doing so from Melinda. “This is something that if someone were looking to order, they would order from me. I can send them a shopping link with their cart already pre-filled with the items that they want and it comes in 15-day supply packs, so if you’re someone who likes to drink something like this every other day, the 15-day supply will do you great. Or if you’re someone who likes to drink this every day, like my cousin, then you’ll definitely want to get the 30-day pack.

“The easiest way…is just to text me (832-721-6173), that way we can set up an appointment time to talk things through and that way I can make sure I’m giving them the correct product information, so that way they can talk it over with their doctor to make sure there’s no medication interactions and that we’re also getting them something that helps them to best reach their goals.”

My Recommendation

I do recommend this product, especially for anyone who is on the keto diet. It was delicious and it did full me up without giving me an extra jolt of caffeine, which I can always use, but it was fine. Again, if you’re interested in learning more about this product, or any products from It Works!, please contact Melinda Diaz and she’ll take good care of you.

Policies and Disclosure

Please remember I am not getting paid to talk about this amazing product or promote any websites/companies mentioned in this post, like It Works!. I am just an avid tea drinker wanting to share this particular tea with you and teach you about it. To learn more, please check out my Policy page. Also, I would love to hear from you. Have you tried this tea? If so, did you like it? You can either comment below (please read my “Comments Policy” on the Policy page before doing so) or contact me.

Photo Credit

The photos featured in this post are my photos. The first is a a little package of It Works! Keto Tea with my favorite mug. The second is after I brewed some water and letting it "steep".

**This post was originally published on September 1, 2020**