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Teatime with Mrs. Joho: Twinings Winter Spice

Earlier this year, around my birthday to be exact, one of my dear friends decided to give me a new tea to try. She knows I am on this tea adventure and thought Twinings Winter Spice Tea would be the perfect addition to it. She found it at work, tried it, and fell in love. Now I tried it and I can see why! It’s aromatic and it tastes like a slice of apple pie with chamomile mixed in. That’s right…my favorite tea is in this incredible mixture, so let’s talk a little bit more about it.

Twinings Winter Spice Tea is being classified as a seasonal herbal tea, if its name doesn’t give that away. I figured with spring just around the corner (thank God!), it would be nice to celebrate the little bit of winter we have left with this delicious tea. Again, it has chamomile tea in it with a blend of apple flavors, cinnamon, cardamom, and clove. It honestly reminds me of the Voodoo Chai I had on Halloween last year, but instead of chai tea it’s chamomile. I’m totally okay with that!

Note to Twinings!

However, I do have a little bone to pick with Twinings. As I smelt and tasted their Winter Spice tea, I wasn’t thinking of winter at all. It reminded me so much of fall; of my second favorite time of the year, Thanksgiving. This should’ve been out during the fall season and called “Fall Spice”. To me, winter isn’t a taste but a feeling. Like when I think of fall, different tastes pop into my head like pumpkin and apple pie. But with winter, different emotions/sensations pop into my head. For example, how my skin prickles because of the darn cold. The excitement I have about gathering with family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The chaos that ensues going out and trying to find the perfect gift. That, to me, is winter.

Okay, sorry for that little rant! Now back to our program.

Smell & Taste of Twinings Winter Spice

As I poured the hot water over this tea, the first scent I got was apples and it was amazing. But as I let it steep, then the aromas of the cinnamon and cloves really started to come out. It was like a piece of hot apple pie was placed right in front of my face. Then I took my first sip and…wow. Just wow! I could say it was like the heavens opened up and angels started singing, but then I would be over-exaggerating…a little. The tartness of the apple, the spiciness of the different spices, and the earthiness of the chamomile was just an incredible mixture. At first, I was mainly getting the taste of the chamomile over everything else; however, after letting it sit, then the apples and spices started coming through. It was truly a delicious tea!

Health Benefits from Twinings Winter Spice

Okay, now don’t think I’m going to leave out the benefits of this tea because I’ve discussed them in other articles. This is the most important part of the post! I just won’t go into great detail, but you, my amazing reader, still should know.


First, chamomile…if you haven’t figured it out yet, I love this tea! Chamomile and green tea are – right now – my two favorite teas. I’m sure as my tea drinking journey continues that may change, but my love for chamomile will never die. As I stated in my post about Celestial Seasonings’ Chamomile Tea, this tea is just packed with some great benefits. From helping you to relax and sleep to helping with sugar levels in diabetics and allergies, this tea could become your go-to for a plethora of reasons.

Spices: Cinnamon, Cardamom, & Cloves

Second, the three major fall and winter spices: cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. I discussed their benefits in my post about Celestial Seasonings’ Ginger + Probiotics tea. Their benefits range from helping with digestion, (also) helping with sugar levels in diabetics, helping with bad breath, and helping with our immune system.

My Recommendation

In the end, I would absolutely recommend this tea, especially during the wintertime. Twinings Winter Spice is not only delicious but also beneficial to your health. Even though the taste reminds me more of a fall day then a winter day, it’ll still keep you warm on those blistering cold days. What do you think? Have you tried this tea? Did you like it? Did you not like it? Let’s talk because it’s teatime!

Policies & Disclosures

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Photo Credit

The photos featured in this post are my photos. The first is my favorite mug with Twinings Winter Spice. The second is this amazing tea steeping in my awesome mug.

**This post was originally published on March 15, 2020**