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The Courage Map Gives You the Bravery to "Live Boldly"

Earlier this year, as the Coronavirus pandemic soared to scary heights and forced us to stay inside, I received an email from TCK Publishing asking if I would be interested in reviewing one of their books. However, it wasn’t just any book! It was a non-fiction piece entitled The Courage Map: 13 Principles to Living Boldly by Franziska Iseli. The second I saw the title – and that Sir Richard Branson wrote a foreword for it – I was in; especially during this difficult and unprecedented time, we can all use a little courage.

What is The Courage Map About?

The Courage Map takes you on a journey to – you guessed it – find some courage and live your life boldly. A lot of us, me included, don’t take chances in life because we’re afraid. We have this fear of failing, of being rejected, of not being loved, etc. However, in this book, you’ll learn to build courage in order to do something unimaginable. Maybe to start that business you’ve been thinking about. Maybe to ask for that promotion you rightfully deserve. Maybe to ask that one person out on a date. Whatever difficulties you are facing, this book by Franziska Iseli will help you overcome them.

Franziska's Thirteen Principles

She does so by following thirteen (13) principles she created…

  1. Stories

  2. Truth

  3. Intentions

  4. Trust

  5. Intuition

  6. Love

  7. Kindness

  8. Imperfection

  9. Non-Attachment

  10. Flow

  11. Playfulness

  12. Evolution

  13. Commitment

As Ms. Iseli describes, “The purpose of each principle is to support you as you make bolder decisions and live a life you can look back on without regrets. These principles are the compass that will guide you on this journey.”

Three Aspects of Your Journey

Each principle is accompanied by “Travel Tunes”, a “Pit Stop”, and “Travel Journal”. These three represent different aspects on your journey that will help you become more courageous.

"Travel Tunes"

The “Travel Tunes” are sayings (“affirmations”) you say to reinforce each principle into your life. Look at it this way, when traveling – either to work, to go grocery shopping, or on an actual road trip – you listen to music to help time pass by and to make the trip more fun. These “Travel Tunes” will remind you of what you need to do to live a more fulfilling and fun life.

"Pit Stop"

The “Pit Stop” are challenges or actions you should take in order to put the principle to work. While on a road trip, you might make a pit stop to refuel your car or yourself, stretch, or take in a scenery or attraction you’ve never seen before. These “Pit Stops” will help you do something fun (and challenging) in order to be braver in life.

"Travel Journal"

Lastly, the “Travel Journal” is pretty self-explanatory. A lot of people, while on a road trip, will jot down in a notebook or a journal what they’ve seen or experienced. It’s pretty much the same concept here, except Ms. Iseli asks several questions at the end of each chapter so you can “think about how you can incorporate each principle into your life.”

I went out and bought a new journal – even though I have several at home, but a writer can never have enough – so I can do my own “Travel Journal”. However, if you’re “new school” and would rather type up your answers, Ms. Iseli does have “The Courage Map Journal”, which you can download here. It has the exact same questions that you can find at the end of each chapter and you can type in your answers instead of writing them out.

Each Principle Has Its Own Chapter

One of the main things I loved about The Courage Map is how Ms. Iseli goes into great detail about each principle (they all have their own chapters) and gives examples from her life in order to show that they do work. The main story she works with is when her and her friend, Mike went on a motorcycle trip following the Silk Road, which is a road or route that connects East Asia to the west. She told one story in “Principle 3: Intentions” that was really powerful.

Like "Intentions"

According to Ms. Iseli, “Intentions are thoughts that guide your actions and support you on your journey to living boldly. Intentions are thoughts with direction.”

In other words, if your thoughts are positive, you will move in a positive direction; however, if your thoughts are negative than you will be moving in a more negative direction. Ms. Iseli describes a night when her and Mike crossed the border from Turkey into Georgia. (Yes, there’s a country called Georgia in the Middle East. It shares borders with Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.) It was raining and they were tired and hungry. When they reached the apartment they were supposed to stay at, no one was there to greet them and show them their accommodations.

While waiting, Ms. Iseli decided to go into a nearby supermarket to grab some food for them to eat. She was not in a good mood. You can say she was “hangry”. Well, because she walked in with negative intentions, the lady working at the supermarket matched her negativity and decided to ignore her. She explained, “…because I didn’t show up with love in my heart, I wasn’t met with it either…”

So Powerful!

How extremely powerful is that? Think about it! If she didn’t let everything get to her and walked in the supermarket with positive intentions, she could’ve gotten some food to eat instead of walking out empty-handed. So now I ask you, was there ever a time in your life that if you went into something with more positivity and courage in your heart that you would’ve had a different outcome?

Plus, I love how in this chapter she says, “I sometimes hear people say things like, ‘she stole my vibe,’ or ‘he took me out of my flow.’ Nobody can steal your vibe! You choose your vibe. Life may not always be a walk in the park, but trust your ability to be intentional about showing up the way you want to.”

Great Advice Giving Throughout

That’s another thing I loved about The Courage Map. Ms. Iseli gives such great advice throughout that really lifts you up, and sometimes makes you laugh. Another great example is from “Principle 10: Flow” when she talks about obstacles. She says, “Have you ever seen an athlete stand in front of a hurdle screaming ‘get the f*** out of my way!’ or look at a suspended rope yelling ‘I hate you, stupid rope!’? No! Generally, they give it a go and get on with it. They might fall down and get bruised in the process, but then they get up and keep going. Yet in life, we sometimes throw tantrums because ‘It’s just not fair!’ Well yes, some things don’t seem fair – but screaming at the obstacle won’t remove it. Embracing the flow will help you dig into your courage so you can move past obstacles with grace.”

Who Does This Remind Me Of?

In all honesty, as I read this book, I kept on imagining my favorite life coach, Mel Robbins. She talks about living boldly through courage all the time, especially in her book The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage. At one point in The Courage Map (in “Principle 13: Commitment”), Ms. Iseli asks you to think about someone who inspires you and why. She goes on to say, “It’s very likely that they are owning their truth, firmly standing by their principles, and evolving as they go.” And that, to me, is Mel Robbins!

Now I have another strong woman to follow in Franziska Iseli and her 13 principles.

My Recommendation

In conclusion, I absolutely recommend this book, especially for anyone who’s struggling with courage and with life. This book is truly an eye-opener and will help you lead a life that you want and deserve. To learn more about Franziska Iseli, please check out her website. To learn more about TCK publishing, please check out their website. You can also purchase The Courage Map here.

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**This post was originally published on August 21, 2020**